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DISCLAIMER: (as required by

Anorexia may be a harmful activity. We do not encourage this activity. Should you feel that you have a problem, feel unhealthy, or need help, please talk to someone that can help you through this

PS the required disclaimer phrasing is actually lame. Anorexia (bulimia, orthorexia and so on) are not activities at all. Anorexia is a disorder. A disorder can never, ever, be a good thing! ProAna on the other hand, can be a very good thing!

NOTE: This site is not active. I recommend Project Shapeshift instead

Eat in moderation - Restrict in moderation - All in moderation, from the Anamadim Guidelines

* Stick to something effective but manageable (The Golden rule of Anamadim)
* Pro Ana is a conscious choice for self-awareness, a diligent effort toward self-directedness, and ongoing development of self-control
* Ana is a science - the science of balancing nutrition - survival and metabolism. Ana is also philosophy
* Forced recovery is not really recovery at all
* Never dwell over failures! See, Accept and Use them. Learn from them and move on
* Never say "I will start tomorrow". Start now as tomorrow never comes. Never say I will STOP tomorrow either for the same reason
* As for the idea that Ana can turn into anorexia nervosa, the converse may also be true
* Pro Anamadim is not Pro pathology. It is about strengthening self-esteem and mental strength. My body, My Choice.
* Anamadim is balance, the middle way, fullfillment

Sources are mainly Ana's underground Grotto, Thin Page, Project Shapeshift  from 2000-2002

Pro Ana, a term with many meanings. 

Your Life, Your Body, Your Choice

The age minimum at NeoProAna is 22 

By signing up for membership you thereby certify that you are NOT under 22 years old!

New members: Please proceed to the introduction section of the forums. You must post an introduction or complete the survey in order for your membership to be fully active!  

 The purpose of this site is to have a place where you can truly say what you feel without fearing you are helping those who are looking to become disordered, or without discouraging those who are currently in recovery or are hoping to recover in the near future. If we are constantly editing what we say, then the conversations and discussion lose the honesty and truth behind how we actually feel. Including about recovery, alternative or traditional and Pro Ana 

It is also a place where you can explore different topics often considered taboo at others sites, without fearing judgement and/or being told it is inappropriate. We are all adults here, therefore if you aren't comfortable with a certain discussion, then please don't join in. 

 While respect for all members is a must, it is ok to disagree with opinions, and know that others will also disagree with you. That is what constitutes a discussion! If you are uncomfortable with the wide range of topics regarding eating disorders, then this is probably not the place for you.  If you are unable to explore alternative views to your own, then this is probably not the best fit for you either! 

 Reclaim Pro Ana! Do not let media define us. Pro Ana means different things for different people. It is just a word. A confusing word. 
Pro-Ana is the attitude we have developed in response to a society that refuses to recognize us.
Anorexic Beauty 2001

"Pro-Ana is the attitude we have developed in response to a society that refuses to recognize us" 
quote from a Thin Pages in year 2000/2001

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