Independent Ana Living

EdNoseĀ“s Vision for this Site

My ideas are of course similar to Eddies above, as we started this site together. Until the beginning of 2014 Eddie took the role as Site Owner and I was Admin. Eddie now focuses on her site Finishing School. The site I started, PostProAna, is now more or less a video collection and we can see PostProAnas video section as also our. You can use the same log in as you do here.

My focus when it comes to ED and ED sites is what is called Harm Reduction and also many other labels lie Alternative (to) Recovery, Radical Health, Proactive in Anorexia and so on. Optimal wellness. 

So let this be a place where adults can be totally open about their ED. Many of us are likely to have thoughts around Parenting and ED. We are likely to have lots of things to air like "how to manage a family reunion or thanks giving party", what to say when people ask, questions around safe food and how to deal with unsafe food when you live with others

Stay Safe

EdNose, Mr Bear